Gaming chair?

Do you use a regular office chair? or a specialized gaming chair? If so, do you think the expensive secret lab, razer, or logitech chairs are worth it over a regular office chair?

  • An ergonomic office chair will probably be better for your back and posture than most gaming marketed chairs, but there are always exceptions to the rule. I would personally suggest a nice office chair if you are looking to spend money on a gaming chair, but if you prefer the gaming chair look then that's fine too.

  • +1 for a good ergo chair, I just got a Hinomi H1 Pro and its awesome. I like sitting high, so extra tall is perfect for me (just means a taller base). Personally I would prefer a fabric chair, for longevity as UPVC always seems to flake after a year or 2, although I think mesh is a good tradeoff (I do just put a sheep skin over the top though)

    There are a couple of brands of 'gaming chair' that Ive tried and seem like reasonable quality: NobleChairs, and Secret Labs. Also heard some positive reviews of the higher end AndaSeats, although I know thier customer service is atrocious.

  • I used a gaming chair for a while and now I'm using an ergonomic chair.  The ergo chair is just way better for my butt and back, I kind of regret not getting one sooner 

  • Use a standing desk and random chair for short rest

  • Mesh Office executive Chair.  Love the airflow and back support. and the Tilt is nice.

  • Gaming chair made by Corsair. It is alright. I liked it because it wasn't mesh or that weird leather stuff (had bad experiences with that flaking off). 

  • I always considered the "gaming chairs" more of a gimmick or cheap quality chairs. Most of the gaming-type chairs aren't much better than you would get from an office chair. So, yeah I highly recommend an office chair over a gaming chair. I have a Herman Miller that I got from Goodwill at an absolute steal and it still holds up strong after a couple of years.

  • I use an ergonomic gaming chair. I have a Razer Iskur X and I can say that this chair is really good for long-term gaming sessions. The only complaint I would have is that cracks started forming on the PVC leather after a year, but I live in a hot environment, so it's not surprising. 

    I would say go out of your way to get a good chair that you find comfortable. And if you want the absolute best chair possible then the only option is Herman Miller. No other company comes close, but it is the most premium option. 
  • I try use good ergonomic chairs. Not a fan of gaming chairs with their limited mobility

  • I use a normal chair Slight smile