Seriously Lenovo Legion, WTF...

So, I just received a surprise mystery care package from the Lenovo Legion Gaming Community.

(OK, it wasn't entirely a surprise since I was asked to confirm my address as they wanted to send me a community care package, but it was a mystery as to what would be inside.)

I was really just expecting a t-shirt that would probably be one size too small for me to actually wear, maybe a hat, and if I was lucky, one of the infamous water bottles.

I jokingly replied that if they wanted to send me a Legion Go, I'd be happy to stream myself using it to play some Roblox...

(For the record, that offer still stands... lol.)

Ben responded that although he couldn't promise me it was a Legion Go, it might be something I could play Roblox on... Smile

That definitely piqued my curiosity, but honestly, I just thought maybe they were going to send me a Lenovo laptop stand since I had recently been talking in the forums about getting one and had already wishlisted some on Lenovo. And technically, I could play Roblox on a laptop stand... Thinking

And then FedEx showed up with a huge, "bend-at-the-knees-to-lift" package.

I assumed they either really did send me a laptop stand or maybe it was filled with just a bunch more than what I was expecting Legion swag items such as a hoodie or something.

I immediately ripped open the package, and much to my surprise, they had sent me a freakin' Legion laptop!

I mean, seriously Lenovo Legion, What-the-Actual-F#{&... How... Why... What kind of company just randomly sends something like this out to their community members?

In addition to the Legion Slim 5 Gen 9 AMD (16″) with RTX 4070, I also received an AMD XL Desk Mat and yes... one of the highly coveted Legion Hydro Flasks! (I no longer have to try to snipe one from a TSA auction...)

The generosity of the Lenovo Communities is simply astonishing! All the giveaways, game keys, monthly Lenovo Reward Points, events, and information shared are incredible.

Since joining the Gaming Community after buying my first Legion laptop, I have tried my best to give back just a fraction of the benefits I receive from being a member.

After getting this care package, I know that's probably going to be impossible now... I'm still not really sure I deserve it.

So, I'll just send a heartfelt thank you to everyone at Lenovo and AMD for my care package, especially to the heart of our community, Ben, and to Ben of the UK, better known as Dan (I don't really know you, but I'm sure that will change soon once we go global).

And a special shoutout to the Keeper of the Keys, SummerPlasma (I guarantee we'll get Ben to play Roblox one of these days...), to Beth, who's the heart of the Pro community, and of course, to all of you for making our communities such awesome places to share our journeys together, reaching the impossible, whether for gaming, educational, or business purposes.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to use my new beast of a laptop to go crush some 9-year-olds on Roblox. See you on the leaderboards!

  • Congratulations Richie! This is so amazing. Thank you and Lenovo for making this community so great. I've seen quite of few of these mystery box deliveries declared here lately. I feel like I'm reading about a episode of Oprah. Now, you get car and you get car and you... This is amazing recognition for what I guess is having a prolific amount of meaningful and useful posts in the community. Well done all the way around.

  • Congrats! I'm definitely jealous, as my Legion 5 with a 1650ti needs updating. 

  • Congrats that's awesome! Lenovo have a pretty great community growing here. What a nice way to show some appreciation to their members. Enjoy the awesome laptop!

  • That sure is some nice swag Grinning

  • That's so awesome, congrats!

  • Congrats! Hope we can all receive some special packages from Legion!

  • Oh wow, this is amazing to see ! It's exciting to learn of everyone who received one of these and you definitely deserve it. You're one of the most dedicated and long-standing members of this community and we're very happy you're here :) Enjoy your new Legion, and yes, we shall Roblox soon Joy

  •  Looks like they are handing out a lot of these giant teddy bears and I would say you also earned one. Congratulations and thanks for all the free stuff.

  • Congratulations !! Grin So happy to see an awesome photo with your Lenovo swag, haha. Thank you for being an amazing member of our community. Enjoy my friend. :)