Pleather vs cloth for headphones?

I've owned numerous headphones and headsets over the years, all of them pleather and they all eventually start to break apart and flake. I've decided I won't ever buy a pleather set again, and will only consider cloth. Does anyone here have the same experience? If you love pleather, why and what do you do when it starts to flake?

  • I never like the feel of pleather especially over a long period of time such as gaming. Cloth can at least be washed well 

  • I do like the headsets that let you replace the ear cushions so you can pick the material you want. I have found that the Steelseries Arctis Nova Pro pleather ear cushions tend to hold my glasses better in place with a much stronger grip compared to the cloth ones. Sure I am aware that pleather will need to be replaced more often, but I don't mind spending the extra cash for the comfort. 

  • I also have the flaking issue, not much to do I think except replace when that time comes. I wish they had headphones where we could swap in the ear cushions, but I guess they don't need models around long enough to make it worth it to do that.

  • Are the cloth ones detachable? or do you just hand wash them? All of my headphones have been leather and they all flaked. With my first good ones, I solved the general deterioration by replacing the coating with duct tape. Worked well for a while. I don't recommend it if your head is oily or over 80 degrees F because that will melt the glue over time and make your face sticky. Learn from my mistakes.

  • Cloth is way better! I hate pleather.


    I do not like pleather.  But, I haven't had headphones with actual cloth.

    You know what would be great?  Removable microfiber covers for just the padded ear cups.  In a pinch, I could remove them—use the "clean" side to clean the glass on my phone—and then return them to the ear cups.

    Maybe there's a reason I've not seen that already.  Does ear grime soak through microfiber? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Yeah I don't like pleather either, it doesn't breathe. Haven't had a pair last long enough to get flaky though. I know there are some replacement pads out there but haven't tried them.

  • I prefer Pleather headphones because I can clean them easily although flaking is a issue.

  • idk, i think i am more a fan of cloth. It seems like the pleather ones just dont last as long and they start chipping away. I may be wrong and would love to hear others ideas. 

  • I don’t really like full on pleather pads since they look dirtier easier from oils and especially with the flaking that can happen on top of the usual flattening out over time with any pad. Its good for the seal it creates but still. Consistently gently cleaning off oils on the pleather when they appear with a slightly damp soft and smooth towel can slow down flaking a little. I do like pads that are pleather on the outside and cloth on the inside where it touches the skin though, but full on cloth or velour are usually better. Honestly, most important part though is just easy removability and replacement for pads. Not great when the longevity is controlled by pads that are doomed to eventually wear out.