Ensuring proper ventilation

What do you guys use, or have used to allow for proper ventilation while using your laptop, well like a laptop. 

Personally, I’ve used books, a thick cutting board, and even the Settlers of Catan box. I think the Catan set might be my favorite to use as it’s thick enough so the hot ventilation isn’t blowing directly on me.

Probably not the recommendation for ventilation but I sure am comfortable while gaming.

  • Cooling pads are good. Keep a lot of space around your system and consider a cooling fan under the desk to conduct heat.

  • Laptop stand for if I'm using a separate keyboard.  Just a book if I'm using the keyboard on the laptop.  I've been using a separate keyboard more often though since the deck get hot and I got sweaty palms lol

  • I have a cooling stand made of aluminum that has fans in it; but I usually use it with the fans off.  Any solid, flat surface should be fine.

  • with my old laptop i use a laptop cooler but instead of pushing air from below it was like a vacuum directly to the laptop vent witch i consider is much better

  • I forget the brand, but I have a perforated metal laptop stand with a repositionable magnetic fan on the underside. Works great.

  • I use a laptop stand with external keyboard at home because I want the screen elevated, outside I use a laptop sleeve that can be converted into a simple stand

  • i hear laptop cooling pad can be good

  • I use a bamboo laptop stand and have no problem with temp,

  • Always put it in a proper hard and flat surface