Ensuring proper ventilation

What do you guys use, or have used to allow for proper ventilation while using your laptop, well like a laptop. 

Personally, I’ve used books, a thick cutting board, and even the Settlers of Catan box. I think the Catan set might be my favorite to use as it’s thick enough so the hot ventilation isn’t blowing directly on me.

Probably not the recommendation for ventilation but I sure am comfortable while gaming.

  • I bought some small stick-on collapsible legs that tilt the laptop and create a lot of space for air flow beneath it.

  • A laptop stand is relatively inexpensive and effective at allowing proper ventilation. I have used cardboard boxes positioned at strategic locations to allow for proper ventilation. 

  • You can get a decent laptop stand with a built in fan for $50 or less. The fan isn't required but it does help expel the hot air you'll be pumping out while gaming

  • I’ve used a cooling pad while gaming for years. Never let’s me down. 

  • I use laptop stand with metal mesh and an adjustable angle to allow adequate screen height. It allows adequate intake airflow for the cooling fans underneath.

  • I personally use cooling pads for my laptop. I have a cryogen pad designed for 17.3 inch laptops. Only $35. 

  • I found these on Etsy.  They work great. I did however, hot glue them to my lapdesk to prevent them from sliding.  Actually worked really well, made it super stable.

    Lenovo Legion 5 & 7 Laptop Cooling Stand - Etsy

  • you can actually just direct a fan into your pc