Ensuring proper ventilation

What do you guys use, or have used to allow for proper ventilation while using your laptop, well like a laptop. 

Personally, I’ve used books, a thick cutting board, and even the Settlers of Catan box. I think the Catan set might be my favorite to use as it’s thick enough so the hot ventilation isn’t blowing directly on me.

Probably not the recommendation for ventilation but I sure am comfortable while gaming.

  • I have been wanting to get a USB cooled pad but honestly every time I'm about to spend $20 on one I'm like well thee 1 inch Binder I've been using when it's on a bed or couch and not a solid surface like a table is doing the job it is supposed to. It looks a bit weird but I'm so use to the hack that I don't care.This is the first computer where it really is necessary to keep it off of fabric because this Dell I currently have is the first one I've ever had of any computer brand that doesn't have a fan. I guess it can cool itself enough .

  • Great question. I like the answers.  I'm taking Jesse's adviseand getting a cooling mat.  Iuse my laptop 4 - 5 hours a day and it heats up on the bottom.

  • I have a lap pad that puts my computer at a better angle (so I'm not cranking my neck). It also serves to move the heat away from lap. 

  • old text books or extra tv remotes are my go to to prop up my laptop

  • I Use 4 small wooden blocks on the corners of laptop that raise it couple inches from desk. My Legion laptop pulls air from the bottom and vents hot air out the sides so this does help air flow. I actually tested it with and without and it is a couple degrees cooler on average. I have thought about getting a cooling pad but reviews are so mixed on retail websites. I normally don't buy accessories for my tech unless reviews are very positive. I think with cooling pads certain factors like location of air input and output, angle, and fan locations determine how well they work but I am not really sure. I have friends that highly recommend them and others who say they are a waste of money. If I had more money to spend when I got my laptop I would have gotten a model with liquid cooling.

  • What I usually do is to elevate it on a book or two.  I also make sure that there's no papers surrounding it so it has free flowing air all around it.

  • If the fans on the laptop intake from the bottom, I make sure to prop it up as high as I can. A stand would be perfect for this as long as it doesn't block the airflow

  • I have a cooling stand that has done well for over a year now

  • Getting a height adjustable cooling pad has gone a long way for me.

  • I use a bamboo laptop stand that has vent holes in it.