Ask a Legion Marketing Manager! - Official Interview Submission Thread


What would you ask a Legion Marketing Manager?

Want to know how Legion products are developed? Curious about our Apex Legends partnership?

Submit your questions here for Jasmine, a Legion Product Manager for Lenovo US!

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  • Just waiting for one of your Legion laptops to ship with macOS so I can game like a true master. JK of course.

    Real question: Has the idea of including dock ports on the base of the Legion laptops ever come up? I love using my T560 with the Ultra Dock 90w attached to a dual monitor setup and it's something I've never seen advertised as a "gamer friendly" option yet the Nintendo Switch has sold something like 70 million units. A docking functionality opens the door for accessory add-ons and other things of that nature as well.

    Do you have any thoughts on this?

  • how many members fo a team does it take to come up with a laptop ready for product release and how long does it take

  • What would you say are some struggles and successes to being a marketing manager, have you had any ideas or visions that have been difficult to complete or ones that were hard to make, and how can some of us as consumers help in terms of providing ideas to possibly improve the products we use?

  • 1. What has your career path been? Any advice for people that want a job in gaming?

    2. What do you think the big changes in gaming hardware or software will be in the future?

  • I'll ask why they don't show their products from all sides. Apple customers can view Apple products related to laptops from all sides, twisting them around like a balloon. But laptops from Legion are impossible to view properly. I never liked it. Either they change how they present their products, or they lose a lot of customers expecting a change in marketing strategies. I can't say or ask anything about website marketing since I'm not an expert on the subject. Anyway, I always order my website advertising from one company because I could never promote it on my own. But this manager, I'd ask about what social media they advertise on.