What is your favorite platform for Gaming?

  • I have ps because my girl loves it but I will always love Xbox that was my first 

  • 1 Laptop and 2 Nintendo switch lol

  • In my younger days, the majority of my gaming was on console, but these days I strictly play on PC.

  • For me it's PC first, followed by Nintendo Switch and 3DS.

  • PC as I use a large screen and it makes it easier to multitask.

  • pc mouse and keyboard just cant be topped for controls

  • PCs because all consoles have been a disappointment. 

  • Right now it would have to be PC hands down. The ability to work, browse as well as game on a powerful system can't be beat

  • My Steam Deck so I can play anywhere and on the go! Wish I had a Lenovo Legion to see how would that be  :)