What is your favorite platform for Gaming?

  • I will have to say the PC.

  • I prefer pc but use my ps5 a little more so I can play on my 65 Inch tv. Large screen 4K monitors are so expensive but I still pc game a few days a week.

  • Playstation. Been a fan since the PS1 and am still using the brand as my primary gaming source.

  • My favorite one at the moment is the Switch. I love that it can go between the big screen and the system.

  • PC, keyboard and mouse. It's not my thing to play with a joystick. I can hardly imagine playing a network shooter on the console.

  • My favorite gaming platform is the PS5 because of its straightforward ease of use .

  • PC without a doubt! 

    If you asked me back in the early 2000s I would have said console(PS2/Xbox)

  • PC, then console.. back to PC gaming and still gaming on my PC. With high PC component prices, especially high-end GPU prices, more people who are new to gaming might lean more towards buying a console rather than a computer/ parts for gaming.