What is your favorite platform for Gaming?

  • pc because of the type of games i enjoy most ar strat or sims

  • Ultimately PC is number one for me just for the breadth of the game selection and options for control style.

  • Definitely PC. So much to choose from on there. Websites and game apps 

  • Although I started with Nintendo and Sega genesis. I now prefer pc. I do still use a controller for some games The old platforms will always have a place in my heart.

  • My favorite gaming platform is my PS4, I have had my PS4 pro for over 7 years now and I still try to play it. Because my PlayStation is old I have not been playing it as much as I should be, I devoted more of my time to gaming on my computer than my console. I was not the best at cleaning my PlayStation and now it gets all loud and hot, I tried to clean it and replace thermal paste but I’m not that good with that kind of thing and I never have the time to take it to someone to clean it. One of the reasons why I’m not using my computer a lot is because it does not have the greatest graphics and monitors but on my tv is is so clear and bright and a lot bigger. The game that I played the longest was ark survival evolved, I have been on a server for almost 4-5 years and I am one of the alpha tribes.

  • PC for sure.  If it's not exclusive I enjoy playing on the PC as there is usually mods to customize my gaming experiencee.