Nostalgic BRANDS that you remember

My first pc I ever got was a custom Cyberpower PC in the early 2000s. When that got too outdated my dad went out got another pc from Best Buy. He bought an E-MACHINE with an Intel Celeron Processor. It was horrible. They told him that E-Machines was the military's dependable Band so he figured that it would last way longer than any average PC and the price was reasonable. 

  • Military personnel know that military grade is barebones but civilians think it's the bee's knees. 

  • Compaq...  First "portable" suitcase sized computer I saw.  Had no HDD, only floppy discs, and a monochrome display that was maybe 6-8 inches...

  • Sketchers shoes. My family has always used Lenovo lol

  • Kaypro, my dad bought a Kaypro II several years before I was born and kept it until the mid 90s.  I remember learning how to put the space invaders 5 and 3/4 floppy into the top disk drive and booting it up to play.  My dad replaced it in 1996 with a Packard Bell(another defunct brand) and I'm not sure what blew my mind more, Windows 95 or how colorful the screen was(school computers had maybe 256 colors at best, running Windows 3.1 if we were lucky, DOS if we weren't).

    I wish I still had that level of wonder and amazement when I use a computer today.

  • Long time ago when i was a student i had a Compaq PC that my father purchased for me, i remember it was really loud lol

  • The first computer I had was from my mom, she worked at Ohio Scientific. I had to hook it to my 13 inch TV and when I wanted to play a game, like Space Invader's, I had to load it from a cassette player. It had no mouse only the keyboard, man I loved that thing, wish I still had it.

  • Tandy.  (Radio Shack).  My very first computer was a Tandy TRS-80 with a 5-1/4 floppy boot disk

  • One of my first computers was a Gateway. Is that still a thing? lol

  • E-Machines take me way back, so does Compaq. It made me think of stores from the past that aren't around any longer as well. I miss Funcoland.