Nostalgic BRANDS that you remember

My first pc I ever got was a custom Cyberpower PC in the early 2000s. When that got too outdated my dad went out got another pc from Best Buy. He bought an E-MACHINE with an Intel Celeron Processor. It was horrible. They told him that E-Machines was the military's dependable Band so he figured that it would last way longer than any average PC and the price was reasonable. 

  • I got this one!  ColecoVision 

  • Oh, I got another one...   Intellivision!   

  • Gateway, prodigy, microsoft kids, game genie... i could keep going.

  • Well I've been building my own PCs since the late 90's / early 2000's and in the world of computers I would say perhaps Diamond Multimedia. In their heyday they were one of favorite brands for graphics and audio cards.

    Also, Aureal. They had a pretty dang cool 3D spatial audio technology back in the day with an emphasis towards gaming applications and making those experiences more immersive. It's unfortunate that it didn't really gain the traction it needed to stay afloat because I think it was very promising and it would have been interesting to see how it could have evolved and potentially changed the gaming landscape.

  • I wanted a Compaq laptop when I was younger.

  • I loved my old graphite iMac. It was one of the early iMacs with a CRT. I had the USB subwoofer attachment and it had shockingly good sound, plus back in those days there were actually a lot of good games for Macs. I played Myth: the Fallen Lords, Diablo, Tomb Raider, Might and Magic, and a bunch of other games on it. Really miss that cute, heavy little blob of a computer.

  • Radio Shack Tandy. Cost over $3,500. The last time I visited a Radio Shack, this guy came out and raised a hard drive in the air. I asked him if that was a 1GB hard drive. He said yes, and I was floored. Gosh how the times have advanced.

  • commodore 64 and amiga 1000 were my first though used apple 2e and 2g at school

  • My first computer was a Commodore 64. I remember spending a lot of time entering code from magazines to play games. This lead me to an NEC laptop that was much more versatile.

  • My first desktop was a 1997 Digital. It came with a 101 Dalmatians printer, from CompUSA.