What games are you playing lately?

2021 is here - what games are you playing to kick off the new year?

Rust has been taking over Twitch charts lately, but I'm still personally hooked on League of Legends (and probably always will be).

What games are you running right now? Looking forward to anything releasing this year?

  • Fortnite and completing the Assassin's story line currently playing Origins with some Metro 2033 Redux (never gets old).

  • I keep starting Metro games but never played them all the way through. Do you need to play them in order for the story to make sense or could I jump in the newest one?

  • If you are playing them for the story then play in the order else you won't understand what's going on. The story is great btw.

  • I recently picked up the game "Control", as it looked a bit different. It has turned out to be a wonderfully strange game with neat mechanics and a mind-bending story/premise. I won't spoil anything, but if you are a fan of freaky, almost psychedelic sci-fi, I HIGHLY recommend it. The gameplay itself is fluid and easy to get a hang of, with varying difficulties that don't feel entirely unfair at the higher levels. Beyond that, the game is gorgeous. While enabling ray tracing has the potential to tank your FPS, it is worth trying if you are able to. Even if you don't use it (I personally don't), the game is still visually stunning and will keep you sucked in for hours.

  • Valorant and going back to play Outlast I and II for the story. Looking forward to the upcoming Resident Evil 8 Village.

  • I've been playing Apex Legends( only game i usually play) but I'm currently hooked on Valorant... i have over 50 games in my library that i haven't touched as yet Rofl

  • Have you looked at The Shore? it comes out next week and look interesting. you might even see more on here ;-)

  • Without knowing much more than this, it kinda gives me sci-fi Lara Croft vibes, It's been in my Steam wishlist so I'm definitely gonna pick it up when I can

  • Absolutely loving Hades right now and can see why it beat Doom Eternal for best action game at the Game Awards.

  • I have so many games I haven't touched on my steam list, but I've been playing Apex, Valorant, Hades, Zelda BotW, and League of Legends