Favorite laptop game?

What is your favorite game to ay on a laptop?

  • probably Starcraft 2, buy right now i am playing valheim a lot

  • Games that aren’t too graphically intensive and aren’t super action-focused always seem to work well on laptops. I’ve been playing Gloomhaven a lot on my laptop. WItcher: Thronebreaker was also good. Card games are also great on a laptop (Hearthstone, Slay the Spire, Inscryption).

  • I liked playing Dungeon Defenders on my laptop because I could go AFK while in class or at work. 

  • The Division. I don't have a desktop so my favorite game to play on PC automatically become favorite game to play on a laptop

  • Well, any game can be fun on a laptop, provided you are willing to turn the settings down. Unless we are talking about non-gaming laptops.