Graphics Settings...what does each setting mean?

Ever wonder what the most common graphics settings from your games mean? How they work? And what is their impact when adjusting them without all the loading screens?

Look no further! The Lenovo Gaming team created a video that explains just that! 

Check it out on the YouTube Lenovo Support channel

What other settings might you want us to look into?

  • It's good but it's also depends on your system supports. 

  • Very comprehensive video on the subject.

  • Nice, very informative video.  Could you do network and/or wifi settings next?  For folks in apartments or condos or at school it would be great to know how to tune the wifi settings on a PC to get the most in a crowded network environment.

  • Super helpful. And would like to second other topics like this - WiFi, networking, storage solutions, audio tweaks, etc. This could be a big help for folks who feel overwhelmed by the current variables!

  • Not a bad video, but there are other settings I think people can learn from, for their games. 

  • Thank you so much. That's a ton of help

  • I've wondered myself what they all mean, some I figured out but other's, not so much. Thanks for the help/info, will come in useful from here on..

  • Very good video for new pc gamers. As others in this post have requested, I think a video on network and wifi settings would be nice.

  • I like how you put Ray Tracing last, maybe because it's difficult and costly to get it now? Lol