What games are you expecting to actually flop this year and why?

Is it the studio, publisher or what makes you think they will do bad?

I think the Harry Potter game will have really bad reviews but that's it, I think Wild Hearts will not do as good even though it's a game I am looking forward to.

  • One game that I’m expecting to not live up to the expectations of the fans will be ark 2. The game sounds like it is going ti be very fun and the graphics look amazing but I just feel like there is going to be something wrong. Ark survival evolved is a great game but every time they come out with a new dlc it always have some major issues that take some time to fix. Even now that their have been so many patches people are still complaining that their are problems, I have not had and major problems with the game since I started playing it but their are a lot of people who complain. One of the biggest problems I have with the game is that it takes up so much space for only the games not including the dlc. I can’t even imagine how much space the new ark will take up but these will probably be the major turn around for the game.

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    If the game has a big famus person to distract you from the game play then I think the game is not going to be that good

    Ngl I had a bad time playing ark since I was a noob and everybody else was way op and ust stomped on me, and the install size was not worth it imo

  • I got an error when typing the first time didn't know I was log out lol

  • I got an error when typing the first time didn't know I was log out lol

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