What games are you expecting to actually flop this year and why?

Is it the studio, publisher or what makes you think they will do bad?

I think the Harry Potter game will have really bad reviews but that's it, I think Wild Hearts will not do as good even though it's a game I am looking forward to.

  • The Arkham games are GOATs, knights onthe other hand very mid lol

  • They've hyped Starfield up so much it reminds me of Cyberpunk 2077. It could end up being a good game but I doubt it lives up to all the hype and expectations. It also comes from Bethesda so there is are going to a ton of bugs and probably a huge day one patch.

  • I think it will be just like Skirym where its super buggy at launch and then little by little will get fixed by the players and will have a long life

    I agree with your comparison to cyberpunk too

  • After being in dev hell I think Bloodlines 2 will probably be a failure, if it even comes out this year.

  • Lmao I keep forgetting about it too so u might be onto something 

  • I think the biggest flop will be Skull and Bones. It was announced several years ago and has gone through development hell being postponed numerous times. To top things off, Ubisoft just announced several game cancellations.and cutbacks due to revenue problems. This has the makings of a disaster. I hope I am wrong because the pirate theme is one of the least explored in gaming. After playing the Forspoken demo I think it will underwhelm and underperform. On the opposite side, I think Resident Evil 4 is going to be phenomenal so at least have confidence in one game coming out soon.

  • System Shock...the bar is so *** high that it's going to be hard for the remake to do better than it.  It's also been in a development hell that rivals some of the best flops*cough duke nukem*, which is never a promising sign.

  • Yes especially w/ star citizen and ll the work there these years I think it will start bad then get good later w/ community help

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    I agree plus w/ nostalgia behind it I don't see it comparing to the hype