What games are you expecting to actually flop this year and why?

Is it the studio, publisher or what makes you think they will do bad?

I think the Harry Potter game will have really bad reviews but that's it, I think Wild Hearts will not do as good even though it's a game I am looking forward to.

  • Yeah I kinda like minecraft legends even if idk what type of game it wants to be and for the harry potter game it's just problematic all around to put it mildy

  • I hope the Harry Potter game is good. I'm very excited. But they are hyping it up a lot. It reminds me of when No Man's Sky launched and it couldn't do anything they said it could pre-launch.

  • Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has had some cool trailers, but my expectations for this game are low. The noticeable lack of gameplay footage further dampens my expectations. I don't see this game being anything besides mid to bad with what we have seen so far. 

  • I got an error when typing the first time didn't know I was log out lol

  • Logged me out when typing lol

  • Ah yes I agree that is usually a bad sign 

  • The author is the problematic person and I wish wasn't getting anything from it but only everyone else involved

    I see what u mean with the comparison tho

  • I don't think Harry Potter will flop necessarily--it'll be out on Switch so you're going to have the whole "Animal Crossing" crowd. And since it's not exclusive to any one platform, I think it'll be accessible to meet the interest of people we might call "casual gamers." Told my wife about it the other day and even though she's not a huge Harry Potter fan, she thought that would be really cool, and she really only plays games like Sims and Dreamlight Valley.

  • No doubt it will have a big player base but other games have too and some didn't do so good once ppl got to play it and I hope you and your wife enjoy it

    It's going to be interesting to see how this game plays out once its out like reviews from players and pro reviewers

  • Not sure that Suicide Squad game is going to be able to live up to it's predecessors.  I honestly hope it does though.  Those Arkham games were my favorite.