Dragon Age Series vs. The Witcher Trilogy

Last Month they "Revamped" the The Witcher III 'The Wild Hunt'. And don't get me wrong, I'm totally stoked about it! But, on the other hand; I feel like it's only getting all this recent 'recognition' because of the Netflix show's recent 'popularity'. What about other games from the same 'era/genre'? What about the entire Dragon Age Series? I wouldn't mind a DA Netflix adaption, lol. I guess the title doesn't really present my question well. I guess I'm aiming more for "Do you feel like The Witcher deserves all the hype it's getting like 'Museum Status' while other games Like Dragon Age sit in the 'Graveyard'?

  • Life is not always fair. The Witcher deserves to be praised in my opinion, but there are many others that also did, but were not and never will.

  • I’ve played the Witcher trilogy and a couple of the Dragon Age games. They’re both great game series. I think one big reason the Witcher has more lasting relevance is that it has such great literary source material to draw on that really lends the world some heft and a sense of place. While the developers of Dragon Age clearly have made a real effort to come up with history and detail for their world, it still feels like a “game world” in the end and just lacks the depth and character of the Witcher world.

  • There is a Dragon Age Netflix adaptation, it came out early December. It's called Dragon Age: Absolution. I started watching it but fell asleep. I never played any of the games so I don't know how accurate it was, but it looked nice. 

    Your question, though. I feel like Witcher does deserve the hype it's getting because it is an awesome story. I haven't played the games (I just got The Wild Hunt but my computer makes it a slideshow) but I've read the series and watched the series. You have to have a good base story to build upon and the original books are great. If it wasn't, I doubt that they could have made the games as good and the series would have never been made. I don't know about Dragon Age lore, it seems cool, so it might not be fair that it's ignored, but there are tons of IP's that never get the recognition they deserve. IMO being ignored is better than being made into a steaming pile of crap, though. When it's made into a turd you are even embarrassed to say you are a fan because most people just know the terrible show and are prejudiced against it. When it's ignored you might be able to introduce some people and make new fans.

    Another thing that might suck is if they make a season, and it's great, but then they cancel it so you only have the few episodes and see all the wasted potential. This isn't so bad a fate as there is a chance of some type of resurrection, even if it's just a movie to wrap up some loose ends (like Firefly). There is the also the possibility of new seasons being made after the money men see all of the demand (like Family Guy or Futurama, different genres, but it happened to them). 

    I need to try the Dragon Age games, none the less. I have almost bought them a few times before, but for some reason I never did. I think I will get one during the next sale if I can play it on my crappy computer. 

  • You just blew my mind! I will be watching that tonight! 

    You are right though, The Witcher is an amazing story... I've played all the games, watched the series but I just started the first book. Once I opened the door, I did fully immerse myself into the world, and thoroughly enjoy it. Blood Origin is really good too. I honesty don't know why it's bothering me so much, lol. I DEFINITELY suggest starting with the first Witcher games. And also starting with Dragon Age: Origins. Since they're older they should run better on your PC. They were also just on Steam for like $5.

    But, all and all you have given me a resolve; in my frustrations, and helped me see I'm just being a hater, lol. So, thank you!

  • You know what they should adapt? Shadow of War... man that would be a great trilogy of movies or maybe even a few books. 

  • I agree both good but witcher char just seem deeper and more interesting probably cause of books

  • I played the Witcher intensely for months straight, and I couldn't be bothered to finish Origins or Inquisition. While I can see the potential of the DA games, I personally am not too much of a fan. So its the Witcher for me.

  • I think The Witcher series gets more attention because of the notoriety of the books they are based on kind of like the Metro series being based of the well known books written by Glukhovsky. Both Dragon Age and Witcher are great franchises but I do think Witcher is more fleshed out with its story. That being said I would love a Dragon Age Origins remake for all gaming platforms and maybe a Dragon Age anime mini series. 

  • Yes The Witcher absolutely deserves all the recognition it gets, though more for the games and the books than the show.  I personally was never too impressed with Dragon Age 1, and never bothered with the rest of the series

  • Both are excellent series but i prefer the witcher series.