Dragon Age Series vs. The Witcher Trilogy

Last Month they "Revamped" the The Witcher III 'The Wild Hunt'. And don't get me wrong, I'm totally stoked about it! But, on the other hand; I feel like it's only getting all this recent 'recognition' because of the Netflix show's recent 'popularity'. What about other games from the same 'era/genre'? What about the entire Dragon Age Series? I wouldn't mind a DA Netflix adaption, lol. I guess the title doesn't really present my question well. I guess I'm aiming more for "Do you feel like The Witcher deserves all the hype it's getting like 'Museum Status' while other games Like Dragon Age sit in the 'Graveyard'?

  • I think as you already mentioned it's about timing. Witcher 3 was a huge success so even people who don't play vidoe games have at least heard about it. So it's more likely that these people are giving the nextflix series a try. Dragon Age on the other hand is way less popular. The last game is very old and the main plot far more difficult to udnerstand/ get into. I think the timing was just off, if they would ahve waited until the next dragon comes out (maybe in 2023/2024) they could have used the hype for the game to promote the dragon age series.

  • Games to movies or TV series usually fail, I wouldn't mind seeing something for Dragon Age but would be worried about how it would come out.

  • I think I play them for different things. Dragon Age gives that classic arcade fantasy feeling and Witcher tends more to the grimdark fantasy for me. I guess it depends on my mood...

  • I have played both series and to me, it feels like The Witcher has had a narrative far more accessible for people to get into. The witcher seems to focus on the narrative first before focusing on the game aspect. Dragon Age for me has always had really good gameplay, but its story was never up to par. It was clearly a game first which isn't a bad thing. 

  • Yea many games are not rated fairly. All you can do is enjoy what you personally enjoy, and if it happens to be popular and get more content/spinoffs/etc, be happy about it.

  • Dragon Age was awesome! That would be cool.

    1. That's an interesting perspective, but have you considered the potential drawbacks of that approach?