NEED Help remembering an old browser game.

So back in 2003ish, I was hooked on the online browser game.   I can't remember the name (Maybe Tri-something).  Can you?   Its logo had something to do with a Green Triangle.   It was 2D and 3hr turn-based with 3 factions.   Based on space combat with Fighter Planes, Bombers, and a repair Ship.   You chose between Warp, Attack, and Repair for a move each turn.  You could gain exp by using your turn attacking other faction ships.   The ships could level up to carriers at some point where you could move other players around and protect them.   The playing field was set up such that it was in a triangle shape of solar systems with a center core that was part of the goal of maintaining control for greater experience.   A game would last about 2-3 months, 3 hours at a time non-stop. 

Any help would be awesome.    I have spent hours trying to remember/ find the game.   At this point, I find it very unlikely that it is still running.   

  • I am still searching.   Reddit and I dont get along.   So that's not a help.   Was such a great game that I used to set an alarm and get up every 3 hours to make sure I didnt miss a round of play while in the thick of battle.

  • I vaguely remember something like that, but I'm not sure what the name was myself. The only browser game I could come up with in that time frame that I was playing was OGame. Which looks like that one is still running. Many of the browser games from that era have died off and been replaced with mobile games instead, that have a similar feel.

  • You can find a list of space combat games from any year on Wikipedia. I briefly checked and it’s a long list. Didn’t see a title matching your guess, but I’m 99.9% positive the game’s in there somewhere,

  • Use AI by inputting the description of what you can remember in search and see what it produces.