I will love to play A G.I.JOE Game like Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint stile, who will like to see that?

How would be you favorite first person shorter Game? if you could created, Please describe it.

  • I grew up watching GI Joe, Voltron, Thundercats and other awesome 80's animated series. I think that would be cool just to experience GI Joe in a different lens but I think it would take away from the original experience too much. I think a good cell shaded game kind of like Borderlands art style would be a good fit. It's too bad that GI Joe Operation Blackout was so bad. They did nail the character voices but everything else was so repetitive, dull and outdated. I am not sure why publishers don't back more games based off classic animated series that often. Some of these series are making comebacks too like Masters of the Universe, Thundercats, and Voltron which all have had new iterations in the past 8 years. I really want a good Transformers game but that IP looks to be abandoned too. We get a transformers game maybe every 8-10 years. Lol. Getting back to your idea, I would def play a GI Joe game with a more realistic modern take. I am a fan of both the Ghost Recon series and GI Joe and it would be different. 

  • I love g.i.joe but I have not seen the movie in well over 10 years it is something that I greatly enjoyed when I was younger and I also love to play all types of first person shooter games. I love to play ghost recon breakpoint because I get to go to an island and shoot at people the thing I love most about it is the sniper and the long distance kill shots. My favorite first person shooter is ghost recon wild lands I only like to more because I love the story and the map is more contained and I just loved playing it. My favorite first person shooter game was ghost recon but if I were to make one I would like for it to be open map first of all. Then I would also like it to have a massive map with all different kind of terrain so I would be able to get more indent to the game. Next I would like for them to have a realistic long range weapons that shot and are affected by the weather and also higher elevation. And finally I would like it to have a story that is easy to follow.

  • Megaman fps would be really cool

  • I can't believe that Transformers haven't been used more. There seems to be so much you could do with that IP, but maybe it's easier said than done. Those Battle for Cybertron games were pretty good, I thought. I even played the multiplayer for those games and had fun, even though I would usually be on the losing team, lol. I think that there could be some really good stealth games made for them, especially using the "scan" ability shown in the movies, where they could be any vehicle they want, or maybe any from a certain class (cars, large truck, flying, etc.). You could sneak into places for intel or to sabotage something or use a heavy class and just go in guns blazing. A full stealth game probably isn't what TF fans would want, but it could really be fun, I think.

  • Despicable Me maybe good

  • Ya I agree with you. I think well im not sure.

  • Hmm, it could work out

  • I would love a G.I. Joe game like that. Favorite would be G.I. Joe single player where you're playing as either Snake Eyes or Storm Shadow and call in other Joe or Cobra operatives to get past certain areas but you have to play as the other potato and get to where they're needed

  • could be an interesting idea