Does anyone know of any "hidden gems" of game that are amazing but don't get enough light? I'm interested in trying something new and exciting! 

  • Try autonauts, it’s a cool little automation style game.

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    I actually played that, yeah. Fun and highly recommended:)

  • I played it myself, glad you brought it up. Fun and highly recommended:)

  • I think enter the gungeon is a fun solo or 2 player dungeon game

  • Not sure if it counts as a hidden gem since it got a lot of awards, but I always love boosting Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna), a neat puzzle-platform adventure game created in partnership with the Cook Inlet Tribal Council and E-Line Media. You play as Iñupiaq girl Nuna who is accompanied by her Arctic fox. It includes loads of educational videos featuring many Alaska Native elders and storytellers. Sometimes the controls are a bit janky, but it's still worth playing and learning.

  • just bought lost castle it's been pretty fun - side scrolling rouge lite beat em up

  • This hidden gem is a diamond in the rough. It’s called Continuum. Highly competitive, fast paced, top down, asteroids style MMORPG, and entirely customizable. Leagues, events, and player run for over a decade, the player base keeps the game alive. It’s on steam but you can also download the client.

    if judo could be turned into a spaceship game, this would be it. Hop on the Trench Wars server. The moderators have even recently developed an automated rating based matchmaking system for 5v5 duels.

    full disclosure, this is an old game for serious competitive gamers not obsessed with graphics

  • I think Last Knight: Rogue Rider Edition is somewhat of a hidden gem on PC/Steam and is underrated and a lot of fun. It's a 3D action corridor runner with rogue-lite elements and done in a whimsical fantasy medieval theme. It's casual enough that it's something that I feel most people could enjoy.

  • I just started playing Jurassic World Evolution 2 and it’s been a blast. Also I don’t know if Sea of Thieves would be considered a “hidden” game… but it’s also loads of fun especially with friends.

  • Curious about the recommendations. Good question.