Suggestion for a new game good for YouTuber Content Creators

After years of playing Fortnite & trying my best to like Fall Guys I have walked away from both of those games. I need something new preferably with a strong online community that I can make YouTube Content on. Any New YouTubers playing a game with a strong growing community?

  • The New assassin's creed mirage

  • Maybe something you can involve your viewers with like a pokemon game and you can name the pokemon after your viewers. 

  • I don’t know if it’s your thing but our entire family 6-40 plays modded Minecraft and watch HOURS of videos a week. The youngest watches creators on something called Happy Kids, they do Minecraft and Roblox but it’s all vanilla. It’s funny when your 6yr old is like can’t they just do “insert what’s action” and you have explain mods again for the 137th time. 

  • Most of growing on YouTube today comes from the entertainment aspect you present more than the game being played. I'd recommend choosing a relatively sizable game you enjoy playing and focus more on the content than the game itself. 

  • I play games for youtube as well. We should do a Collab sometime? I play Minecraft, Beamng, Asseto Corsa, and Nascar Heat 5. I do play Fortnite as well but im down to play any other games. I know Minecraft does well.

  • Just cycle through games until you find something you're genuinely interested in and get good instead of chasing fame

  • lots of ways to  go like different  genre or indie or big AAA , mods or different types of run thru

  • Maybe try finding a niche? Instead of a huge game everyone plays, how about making content for a game with a small but dedicated following? Might be better to be a big fish in a little pond. For example, I enjoy Lord of the Rings Online, but there’s only a couple of YouTubers regularly creating content for it. Not saying do that game in particular, but see if there’s a game you like that’s currently underserved on YouTube.

  • The Minecraft community is still very active. The game still gets millions of views on many channels across YouTube; the excitement never diminishes. Every new update only makes the game even more fun for everyone. Try Minecraft sometime, whether you play it solo or with friends.