Horror Indie Games Recommendation

What are some of indie horror games you guys played and would recommend to others? 

It doesn't have to be something massively popular, I'm just looking for something that's interesting and impressive.

For example, I played Yomawari and it was a game that's more of cute side than scary but I still enjoyed it!

PC, console, mobile, it doesn't matter

  • World of horror was interesting. Also recommend Phasmophobia if you have a few buddies to play with; still fun with randoms but very inconsistent.

  • Project Zombiod! 7 days to die!

  • I always loved Outlast, it's my go to Halloween game. I had a good time playing Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion too.

  • Thanks for the recommendations! 

  • It wasn't an indie when it came out(Sierra developed and published it) but The Beast Within was a great horror game that's very different from anything out there today.  Great story and a fun combo of point and click, puzzle solving and live action FMV.

  • Wow! Bloody rabbit with old game look to it, looks very interesting!

  • Survivor horror ic, thanks!

  • I actual saw it right after wrote this! 

  • I heard lots of good things about alien! Thank you for your recommendation!