What are your favorite games that focus on gameplay rather than graphics?

While I am certainly a fan of a pretty game, visuals are by no means the only standard that I judge a game's quality on. One of my all-time favorite games is a permadeath bullet-hell game called Realm of the Mad God, a game that is mostly populated visually with 8x8 sprites. It's not an ugly game by any measure, but the focus is clearly not on utilizing current-gen hardware.

I'm curious what you all have in mind!

  • There's this old Attack on Titan browser game that is SO fun to play, it looks awful but has a surprising skill mastery curve for learning how to swing around between building and titans!

    Great question by the way, love this discussion Slight smile

  • I have been playing a lot of Hades lately and the art style is absolutely gorgeous but not graphics intensive. The gameplay is so polished that I have no complaints.

  • True! it's been a lot of fun, I was addicted to Binding of Isaac so it's somewhat similar.

  • I've been playing Valheim lately on the Community server. Graphics aren't the best, but the mechanics and physics are pretty good and I haven't played a game before that actually took physics into account when building structures.