Gaming PC

What will you prefer, to build your own computer, to buy computer build for you, or to buy a brand build computer?

  • I’ve always been a fan of custom builds cause it like I’m playing with Lego’s, but for convenience I’d say pre build

  • I like to buy a finished computer so that the guarantee is still valid. I have experienced to many products that is low quality, so I just want the ease of mind if something should happen.  Also I have never seen the idea in having a color lightshow next to me when playing games, like to turn them single color or turn the off. 

  • At this point in my life, I'm a buy person, but if possible I like to have the ability to do some upgrades and repairs.  I built a bunch of computers in the 2000s, and eventually got tired of all the teething problems and maintenance issues that I had to sort out before I could really enjoy them.  Now I want tech support and a multi year warranty, especially since I've only owned laptops, which just aren't as reliable as desktops the way I use them(lots of traveling).

  • Build own is better you upgrade with time and according your budget. 

  • id love to custom build but the convenience and warranty makes a pre build worth it

  • building is my favorite

  • If money is no object I prefer a computer built for me. My eyes have gotten to bad to build my own now but that's probably the most financially feasible route now

  • Usually buy an off the shelf build.

  • I used to build my own computers, but eventually I got tired of the dread of “will it work or not” the first time I would push the power button. Too often the answer was “no” and it would lead to hours of troubleshooting to hunt down the missing connection or bad part. For my last computer I bought a pre-built at Microcenter, and it was great. Pressed the power button, installed games, started playing. All that said, if you enjoy tinkering and putting things together and have the energy for troubleshooting, building a computer can be really fun and satisfying.