What to Game this Year?

  • Chained Choes, looks great!

  • I'm ready for this Harry Potter game! 


  • I’m excited for breath of the wild 2

  • I think it should be a survival game...

  • First, Hogwarts! But I'm waiting for the Starfield! It will be great Smiley

  • Hogwarts Legacy looks amazing, excited for that. I just recently installed the Dead Space remake and I’m still yet to play it, but my friend told me it’s also great. I think I’m most excited for the Last of Us Pt. 1 Steam/PC port, because then I’ll be able to play one of the most praised console games on my PC at home!

    Oh, Silent Hill 2 is getting a PC port as well.

    2023 is going to be an exciting year.

  • company of heroes 3 and baldurs gate 3  final releases should be good.

  • Hi-Fi RUSH!! It's the best game of 2023!