TV shows you stopped watching, when & why?

Weeds - at end of s3 bc everyone said it sux alot after

Power - after the girl outside the church gets shot and didnt like how ghost keeps getting away with everything but might pick up again later

The dc shows on the cw channel - after like s4 especially the flash bc its the same thing every season except gotham I finished

The walking dead - a few episodes in s2 and just skipped to s3 then stopped at s5 bc it was the same eevry season

Kimmy Shmith or w/e - in s2 I just didnt like it

Naruto - after like 20 episodes idk I lost intrest ig

1 piece - after 5 episodes when I saw how many episodes there are lmao

Jojo - like a few epsodes it was weird and didnt understand it lol

Dragonball super - watched episodes here and there and didnt finish the universes tournament idk why but I do watch the movies tho

Those are all I can remember rn

  • I stopped watching House Of The Dragon before finishing the first season because the plot was moving very slow for me. Plus I’ve never watched Game Of Thrones.

  • somr shows dont du well after cast changes . for example Castle or Mentalist

  • Oh man even knowing about the time skips and stuff I thought it was too fast and could b slowed a bit more but never thought it was slo lol. I think this can b watched w/ out 1st watching GOT maybe

  • Lol yea tru or in game of thrones case 2 charecters changed like 3 times each and dont get me started about doctor who changing alot lmao

  • walking dead, enjoyable but got burned out regardless 

  • Two and a half men after Charlie Sheen left. The show just wasn't fun anymore...

  • I stopped watching Star Trek Picard after the the 4th episode of the 2nd season.  Just couldn't get into the time travel storyline.  

    Stopped watching Star Trek Discovery after the 2nd or 3rd episode of the 2nd season.  Storyline really was so boring and the acting was almost unwatchable.

  • Lost- after it became apparent the writers had not long term plans are were just making things up as they go. Think it was the second season.

  • When I start to watch a show I consider it an obligation to complete the show and watch any following seasons that come out. It there have been some cases where I stoped watching the shows. One of these shows was the show led legends of tomorrow, I actually really enjoyed the first few seasons but then they just made it so horrible that I was forced to stop watching. I think the episode that I stoped on was when they all        started the park and I noticed that it was beginning to turn into a kids show and I stoped watching. I am not going to lie besides the legends of tomorrow I am actually a good fan of the other cow shows. One of the other shows I stoped watching  is the show ozark, when I started watching this show I started on the couch in my family room and than after a little bit I was watching it on my phone because I did not want anyone to be freaked out by the show. The only reason I started to watch the show ozark is because it had a lot of great reviews and I heard a lot about it. I am also going to say that I watch a lot of shows on Netflix because that is what I like.

  • I usually don't stop watching shows even when they get bad. I guess I hold out hope the show will return to what it was when I originally got hooked. I either watch one episode or watch an entire series.

    There have been exceptions. I used to watch Law and Order SVU every week for years. Then I just got bored with the same plot lines every season and the line being blurred on who the good guys were. I don't mind a show with a crooked cops but I don't want to watch a show where the cops are portrayed as good but do awful/illegal things.