Ice Storm 2023

Been locked up with 1/2" of solid ice on all surfaces.    Surviving by playing The Long Dark.    What games are you using to pass time while caged inside?

  • Cyberpunk 2077... until I got Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and YA'LL.... HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO GET ENOUGH TIME TO PLAY ALL THESE GAMES?

  • Overwatch and recently Vermintide II. Darktide was a huge dissapointment so I just went back to vermintide. Also a good rouge like keeps me busy for days on end. 

  • I guess you are living The Long Dark! 

    I have been playing Sonic Mania, it's really nice!

  • If I was frozen in, maybe I would finally get to my backlog of games.

  • That storm is hitting us right now. I think I'll probably do some Terraria. I know it's old but I just started for the first time a few days ago, it's more difficult than I thought it would be, lol. I'd watched some YT videos so I thought I knew what to do but the little details got me. I didn't know there was a minimum size for the houses so that wasn't working for me and having the enemies constantly coming at you, even though they are weak, gets a little annoying when I'm still figuring out the controls, but I'm liking it so far. If I get bored with that, maybe Rimworld or try that NecroBouncer game if I am sent one of those keys. Have fun and stay warm!

  • The wicher 3, dead by daylight and apex legend

  • Luckily on the North East Coast we have had a mild winter so far!  I find myself looking for a good book, and something warm to drink when it's really cold outside!

  • Sounds like you're on "Lost Planet."

  • I have been playing Elden Ring ng+. Thought I would play it again with a different build, weapons, and abilities. I found myself using only using 2 weapons: the bloodfang and the sword of night and flame regardless of the situation and still managed to get through it. There is so much in this game to try and master that I have to replay it at least once.