Ice Storm 2023

Been locked up with 1/2" of solid ice on all surfaces.    Surviving by playing The Long Dark.    What games are you using to pass time while caged inside?

  • All of them. This ice stuff is awful!

  • I know it's a different situation when you're actually dealing with it, but I've always wanted to find myself in a similar position. Can't leave, nothing else to do...guess I gotta play!

  • I start a new game of Skyrim and pick a race and gender combo that I haven't played before.  Then I make up a biography for the character and try to stick to that as much as possible.  It's fun playing the chaotic Kajit or the Nord who has it out for the Empire.

  • I started playing the Jack and Daxter collection and Uncharted on ps3. I printed all the trophies to knock out all the challenges!

  • Civilization III is a really good old game!!!

  • I think I will dust off one of the old Crash Bandicoot titles.

  • Really feeling The Long Dark...   got food poisoning from Burger King 2 days ago.   Been down bad.   And I thought 10hrs to recover was too much.  

  • I agree.   Totally a top 10 game in replayability.