Reptile owners

I am wondering how many people have some type of reptile, I am interested in getting a reptile and I want to know what people have.

I have already been denied a snake because my family said no so the things I am thinking about are 

1. Bearded dragons- they are a really popular reptile that people know

2. uromastyx- I love these guys

3. blue tongue skink- they look so cool and they are great pets


  • 'That is a beautiful mix of blue and orange, I had no clue that they could even be blue.

  • Just think about the responsibility of taking care and if you will be available for all the life time of the animal. And also make sure it's not product of animal traffic

  • I have a job taking care of just two cats. I can only imagine what you would come across taking care of a reptile.

  • I've had a bunch of lizards, a couple of snakes and a turtle...all interesting but not super interactive (as you might imagine). Very cool to just observe in their element, though!

  • Not a reptile owner, but they look so cool!

  • No, not me, just two little vampires... ermm... I mean kids. LOL

  • Those are all cool looking animals!   I'm also interested in knowing more about what they eat, how often they eat?, and do they prefer being outdoors vs indoors?

  • My siblings and I had a chameleon when we were in grade school. My mother really cleaned after it while we fed it. It was always cool switching the background to try and trigger the camouflage which can actually put too much stress on them but as children we lost some interest in it after the initial awe .I used to catch Garter snakes in our back yard but was not allowed to keep them. My mom despises snakes. Reptiles and amphibians are really cool. Whatever you decide on make sure you read up on them to make sure it is a good fit for you and that you can provide a stressless.environment.

  • I had a gecko once, when I was young he die. 

  • All I can tell you is DO NOT get a boa and a ferret at the same time, because if you do you will soon have only one pet. Don't ask me how I know this....