Good games short games

Hello everyone!

What are some good short games you recommend for PC?

By short I'm thinking of 2h to 6h from start to finish.

Game on!

  • I would recommend GRIS (which took me 4 hours to beat) or Stray (which took me 5 hours to beat). GRIS has better visuals in my opinion, but Stray has better gameplay. 

  • "Sonic Mania" is a great one, it shall take you about that time to finish a run. "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder's Revenge" is another great one!

  • Raiden V is a pretty short shoot em up

  • ABZU is good game 3to 5 hr main story. 

  • I am currently playing "Inside", and so far it's been a fun experience.

  • ABZU gorgeous game