Good cooling pad?

Which cooling base do you recommend to cool down a 17.3 inch laptop?
In the past i use a cooling block that instead make a vacuum effect in the exit ventilation slot and was great, but my new laptop have 4 air exit slots...

  • I use a cooling block on the side vent, and a pad underneath. Both are made by Klim, and we're affordable and have been reliable thus far.

  • I just use laptop stand these days. I feel like cooling pad blows even more dust into laptop and its effect is the same as a laptop stand. Cleaning the laptop stand also way easier than cooling pad.

  •  I am using Laptop stand.

  • I tried using one of those phase change cooling pads once for my poorly ventilated HP (that died, leaving me now with an 8 year old "works" machine I managed to find). I recommend staying away from them. They're uncomfortable and while they are a barrier between you and the machine for a moment, they don't last long, and most importantly they just do nothing for the laptop. Absolute waste. Didn't even keep my head cool trying to use it on hot nights...

    I think a high pressure fan is the only thing that could help, or if the laptop has a metal chassis maybe a gentle breeze over the whole thing. But even then it depends on the design of the laptop/placement of vents and fans. 

    Keep your machine elevated and clean. That's the only surefire advice I can give without knowing more. Beyond that anything is a shot in the dark.

  • All interesting options, I don't have much to add, but appreciate all the tips given here

  • Any aluminum stand with some fan(s) will help.  But the internal cooling system of the laptop itself if most important.

  • Very useful information. Thanks everyone.

  • I also use a laptop stand. My Legion laptop does fairly well with cooling even without it.

  • From what I heard, cooling pads don't work very well? I could be wrong, and if I am let me know.

  • Cooking bases don't make a lot of sense.  Laptops that have intake vents on their base need unobstructed and minimally turbulent air to have optimal performance.  A cooling base restricts the airflow and makes the air very turbulent.  

    Best bet would be a laptop stand that offers an unobstructed space for the intake vents and the exhaust vents.  You could even make something with two pieces of wood for under $10.