Gaming headset with or without rgb lights?

Let's be honest rgb lights do not make everything better, i mean, yes they are great and look really cool, but if you are not a streamer they are complity worthless in a headset, you can't see them and only consum battery... 

  • Without. Never been a fan of extra lights.

  • I purchased a pair with bright green light's, at first I liked them but they got to be more of a novelty/distraction. Now I just turn them off while in use.

  • it the lights can distracting 

  • I don't mind either way. I won't go out of my way to look for a headset that does or doesn't have RGB

  • Honestly, I've been using my AirPods pro more lately, than my gaming headset because they are more comfortable and I think that's the most important thing.

  • I would say without especially if it is wireless. Wireless RGB headsets have to be charged more often meaning less playing time. I also don't like the reflection of the RGB lights on my screen.

  • Honestly you won't be able to notice if they have RGB or not since they're on your head and out of sight. The first few things people should look into when buying headsets is the sound quality and how comfortable they are.

  • Headset  without rbg is better.