is there a point to turning off your pc?

Other than windows updates every now and again is there really a reason to turn off your pc? in my case i found that leaving it on reduces the wear on the fans and components . unless you dont plan on using your pc for a few days you mind as well leave it on components are built to sustain long uptime

  • Turning off the PC is good b/c it will clear any forms of cache build on the ram or drive. Leaving it on constantly just builds up junk. Plus besides windows updates, the pc will do minor small driver updates to hardware parts. Think of it as a good reset for fuel (like going to sleep for the mind to reset properly)

  • To add onto what Kain said, there's also the possibility of outages and anything you have running/connected being interfered with because of the outage if you've got your PC on all the time. Not everyone has this issue, but the few times it's happened to me have been a pain. Unexpected hard drive failures are the worst.

  • saving power and resting the pc

  • How does leaving it on reduces the wear on parts? I think it used to be a concern but modern electronics are better built to address that now, it should be fine as long as you don't turn on and off frequently. I'd just turn off anything I don't use to avoid waste of electricity

  • I never do because I have slow internet and i let my pc grab updates, never really had problems

  • You should do it to clean cache in RAM and let PC apply some other HW and SW updates.