Valentine's Day

February is the month of love, so what are your plans for your love ones in Valentine's Day?

  • Not to be "that guy" but V day is over-commercialized & feels very inauthentic, even forced. We do little. Instead, my husband & I put much more energy into anniversaries & important moments of our time together throughout the year,  

  • nothing with a side of depression

  • I agree with the sentiment that, like with many other things, it feels over-commercialized and with contrived aspects to it to some degree. I kind of look at it in a similar way that I do new year's resolutions; that is to say I feel like I don't need a specific date on a calendar to embody the virtues or employ the practices of what the spirit of it all was meant to be about.

  • It Takes Two would be a great one!

  • I want to be able to spend time with them along with being able to get small gifts for them such as chocolates and maybe some video games as well.

  • I'll try to please my wife by doing whatever she would like some help with.  She doesn't like to go shopping for herself, so I'll offer to take her and help her make choices.  Then, a nice dinner date after that.

  • I will usually make a special dinner and dessert and then a new movie something that I do occasionally anyway. I am pretty good at showing my love and appreciation year round without a commercial holiday needed to remind me. Valentine's day is what you make of it so for me it is a commemoration of what one should celebrating with your loved ones all year. I have had friends who actually accrued debt by going beyond their financial capacity due to the commercial pressures of Valentine's which caused not so happy times for both down the road. I think everyone would love to buy an expensive piece of jewelry for your love but not at any cost. Love in my opinion is not best demonstrated by an object but more by how you share yourself with them.

  • For V-day, I'm going to spend time with Mei in Overwatch.  :)

  • Nothing really much in my mind, because I got an important midterm to take for my university on that day.

  • It's my sister's birthday so I'll be celebrating it with her family