Valentine's Day

February is the month of love, so what are your plans for your love ones in Valentine's Day?

  • Its a corporate scam to make you spend money!

  • Mayne a romantic movie on Netflix

  • Likely having dinner. Not one for over the top Valentine's days, but it's nice to use the excuse to spend some quality time with each other.

  • Buy her some chocolate, feed our daughter dinner, give her a bath and put her to bed and then watch a movie and eat takeout from our favorite Chinese restaurant.  Maybe one of these years we'll be ablSweat smilee to find a babysitter (this year everyone is booked) and go out to a restaurant for dinner Sweat smile

  • My plans are to send my wife to the spa in the morning then brunch and dinner later that evening.

  • Spend time together with give gift. 

  • I'll just cook like usual Smiley

  • I have no plans I like to games and I don’t like to make social connections because I prefer do be alone and especially on holidays. The only think I am happy about with the holidays is that their are festive activities on all of the games I love. I have been getting so many chibis in ark that it is crazy, I have still not gotten the one I wanted but that happens to everyone. If I get bored with ark or my other games I might play some eso or just stare at my fish. At the end of the night I will sit on the couch with my pug and watch Sanford and son because that is what makes me happy.

  • im doing nothing but relaxing