Valentine's Day

February is the month of love, so what are your plans for your love ones in Valentine's Day?

  • I usually spend it with my family. I'm thinking a cook out Hamburger

  • Play games.. moving on and better then getting friend zoned

  • Take them to dinner at one of their favorite places 

  • I’m planning to buy small but thoughtful gifts and then go to the movies with them.

  • Take her to Morocco for hammam spa day :)

  • I'm going old school I bought a fountain pen and some ink and I will be making a homemade Valentine and I'm baking her some cookies and buying her a single rose. Cheap but thoughtful.

  • The one I've loved for so many years is unfortunately moving out of state soon. However, they've been getting into gaming, so I'm getting them a whole bunch of equipment. I've already given them a mouse, a laptop cooling pad, now I'm getting them an rgb mousepad and rgb headphones. Still, it doesn't feel enough. It's their birthday too, so I feel like I'm given them the short end of the stick.

  • My girlfriend and I don't celebrate so I'm just making sure I'm mindful of her needs