Are we all bored?

I thought to create this to have a place for general questions as we read over the Legion site.

  • I was just bored enough to sit and watch the video clip of North Korea's parade about 6 times in a row to see if their little mobile ICBMs are fakes.   I think it is just an empty tube on wheels.     Have you ever been that bored?

  • I have way too many things to do to ever be bored. Thousands of games, comics, books, movies, shows and albums exist to be consumed, and I want to experience them all. Being bored (for me) is just burning time that could be spent otherwise.

  • The rare times I do get bored I just catch up on some sleep. Lol. I would rather spend that time doing something beneficial to my health like sleeping or going for a walk.

  • Much too busy to be bored. If anything I feel over stimulated to where taking a break from everything to be bored is a rare occasion.

  • Sometimes I am but mostly when I get bored I sleep XD

  • I'm the opposite. I have too much too do and not enough time. Sometimes I wish I had a little time to be bored to relax my mind a bit.

  • Not sure bored is the right term; we've all been on a million forums, the key to navigating these is to just join and respond to the posts that you are interested in and ignoring the rest. It's always like that.

  • Sometimes I do, so I just buy myself some iced coffee and read some manga online.

  • I could never be bored with the world Earth americas literally at my fingertips because of the Internet.