Laptop Gamers

How many laptop gamers do we have here? I personally do not have a good spot for a desk and gaming rig right now, so I've been soldiering on with my 15 inch Lenovo Legion 5 with a 1650 ti. Might upgrade to something with a 40 series gpu at some point, but we shall see. Anyone else here? 

  • I’m a laptop gamer as well, no space for a whole setup and Lenovo laptops give me the profitable I need to play all my favorite games!

  • I am at the moment but hope to have desktop again

  • I game on a laptop when at work. Laptops have gotten to a pretty good point now that I don't see much difference between my desktop and laptop. 

  • My laptop burned out when I played for 8 hours one time

  • I game on my macbook but have to stop sometimes when the fans kick on.

  • Glad to see I'm not the only one. 

  • So I have both. I have a 17" Legion laptop that I use on the couch. It's kind of nice to be able to lay back and spend time in the same room as my wife while she either plays Dreamlight Valley/Sims or watches her reality TV shows. The desktop is one I built, and I use it more for work and hobbies. 

  • Used to be a laptop gamer, but the heat drove me crazy. Built my first pc and everything is a lot nicer now.

  • I use a laptop now, but I hope to find the time to build a desktop someday.  It sounds like a fun project.  However, I will probably always prefer the portability and convenience of a laptop.

  • Right here, gaming on a laptop. I can play a fair amount of games though my laptop is really starting to show its inability. I got it mostly for coding purposes so graphics card wasn't as important to me at the time, which honestly was probably the worst time to buy. I'm chugging along though at 20 FPS the majority of the time.