New Laptops

How many of you are excited about the new hardware introduced for laptops (13th gen Intel CPUs, Nvidia 40 series GPU, AMD 7000 and Radeon 7000)? It's amazing how much performance we're still able to cram into such a small form factor. I might look into getting one myself after I finish building my new desktop PC.

  • I own a legion 5 pro and it's honestly the best gaming laptop I have ever owned. I always recommend it to all my friends, I am so happy I chose the legion 5 pro because it's the best purchase I've ever made.

  • I’m excited for the new tech.. until I see the price tag.  Yikes!

  • very much looking forward to it

  • they need to figure out better cooling solutions first most laptops sound like jets taking off

  • Personally I'm not that into gaming laptops.  The massive price and the almost nonexistent upgradability really turns me off.  I'm much more of a desktop kind of guy.

  • This year the CPUs are far of an upgrade than the GPUs, especially compared for NVIDIA.  I'm at the point where unless prices come down a bit more, I'm going to try to make it to year 11 with my current laptop, unless it breaks of course.  I'm just not seeing the value these days like I did pre-pandemic.  

  • As far as the NVIDIA 40 series, I would say the price is steep when compared to the performance quality and price point of the 30 series.

  • Im always excited for new tech. I think windows machines have a lot of catch up on with efficiency and battery life compared to Macs, so I'm always looking forward to more performance and battery life with the new tech. Supposedly 40 series should have a better performance to power curve.

  • I’m so excited tbh, I enjoy playing on gaming laptops and it has branched out my love for games!