Thinking of getting a T7i


I'm coming off an Alienware Aurora R11 and looking to get the T7i with an NVIDIA RTX3070 (because the 3080 isn't available) and I wanted to get some insight into the T7i from people

that own one. I was hoping to find a PDF of the service manual that was in depth with pictures of the motherboard from various angles so I could see how it is laid out.

I'd like an idea, the expansion slots, are they occluded by the GPU? or are they spaced out to accommodate the GPU without sacrificing the remaining slots.

I believe it supports 2 nVME 2280 drives, are they both under the GPU?

I believe it supports 128GB of DDR4, can it support a mixed configuration like 16/32/16/32?

Is it loud, comparatively speaking.

The NVIDIA RTC3070 GPU, which branded version is it? MSI?

The motherboard, is it MSI? or another brand...

How heavy is the tower?

Any help will be greatly appreciated in making this decision!

  • One more question, can the embedded GPU be turned off via the BIOS? I'd prefer to run full time on the 3070

  • Great choice! A couple things to help you out:

    - Check out the official spec sheet PDF here if you haven't seen it already

    - GPU blocking on the motherboard depends on the model you get; in general though, new towers are better about this.

    - just picked up one of these and could answer more detailed questions directly 

    - Weight starts at 27lbs

    Let us know if you have more Qs!

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    Anonymous 1 month ago in reply to Ben Green

    Thanks. I'll check out the spec sheet!

  • I had difficulty logging in with iOS so my post was anonymous but I wanted to log in and say thanks for the links. 

    I hadn't seen that spec sheet before so it provided a lot of detail.

    It supports two nVME which is nice. It appears they are under the GPU, not a bog deal but the heat kicked off by the GPU concerns me for the nVME and I doubt there is room for a heat sink on the nVME, not that it would do much as a passive cooling measure.

    I'll reach out to CR4ZYeyes to get his/her insight.

  • Sorry I didn't notice this until today but I answered what I could from work and will answer more when I get home.

  • I have both the R11 and the 7i with the 3070. While I like them both I have to say the Legion seems like a higher quality PC. It is super quiet and has much better cooling compared to the R11. There is a guy on YouTube HardwareSense that reviewed it as well as the R10 so you can get an idea of the comparison.