Love Home.

Do you like where you live, and if having the opportunity would you move.

  • I love the place I live in but given the chance I would like to move to somewhere else. I live is a place that gets pretty cold during the winter and I also live in a community so there are a lot of houses near by. One of the things I like about where I live is that I could go walking and go to some stores where I can get some things that I would need. Another thing that I have at my house is a nice and decent size yard, it is not the largest in the neighborhood but it is enough for my dog. One place where I would like to move to is either Australia or Arizona, the reason I would love to move to either of those places is because I would be able to raise tortoises outside and that is something that I always wanted to do.

  • I love where I live but would love to have another home somewhere  else like Hawaii just for a change of scenery.

  • I like where I live but it's not perfect. Traffic is bad to get to where I need to be and internet options here aren't the greatest since the community is so small. Also I live pretty far from friends so visiting them is quite difficult. The neighborhood is peaceful and nice though

  • We travel a lot, and there are a lot of places we would love to move to. But home is home!

  • I would move, too many issues I can't fix here...

  • Things being what they are, I am happy where I am and moving isn't appealing. Now, if I were single and had nothing tying me down, I would like to move but no where specific. I think it would be interesting to move and live no where more than 5 years.

  • No, as circumstance would have it. As the family slowly spreads out, moving may soon become an option.

  • I like where I live, but would buy a house instead of rent. Sometimes I might like to live closer to family, but that has pros and cons.;)

  • I am likely to move, but I'm having a hard time figuring out where to live. I am tired of IL winters, but as another poster commented, no place is perfect. I am just looking to avoid places likely to experience major issues in the next decade or so. Any suggestions?

  • Living in the Northeast all my life, I'd love to move down south for the weather and lower cost of living. I hope I can get there in the near future!