What are your go-to games to relax and unwind?

Hey guys,

I'm admittedly in a gaming slump right now, and am just not enjoying the more competitively oriented multiplayer games I'm used to. What are some single or multiplayer games that you turn to just to decompress a bit? Here's a few I might recommend if anyone else is looking:

  • Risk of Rain 2
  • Fallout: New Vegas (or 3/4, NV is just my favorite)
  • Skyrim
  • Outer Wilds
  • Forza: Horizon 4

I'm curious to hear what everyone else thinks, let me know!

  • Ori and the Blind Forest/Will of the Wisps is my favorite for this Slight smile

    Some of the most amazing art/music in any game I've played, super satisfying controls/animations, and easy to learn but lots of room for mastery!

  • You want to take a break from scripted games ?

    I found Second Life to be an interresting alternative as it provides an immersive universe to be roleplayed.  So, its not really gaming but more an improv session !

  • my favorites are:

    Slime rancher

    On my own (PC or mobile only) 

    Forza horizon 4 (or any of them really)

    Minecraft of course is a classic

    Spongebob: battle for bikini bottom

    walking zombie 2 which is a mobile game that's also on steam for free

    and if you want mobile games despite the memes Raid shadow legends is actually a fun game

  • Minecraft is probably a really popular one to pick for me, but oddly enough, The Crew 2 is a game I can easily relax just driving around the world in and vibe to music on the side. There may be the occasional person to annoy you by smashing into your car or chasing you across the map, but I've had a few instances where I've found a random group of people and we would cruise for around an hour together not even being in the same crew. That's one of the things I love about the game: even though it's multiplayer, in its own way it's a lot less problematic than others when it comes to the people interaction and it's why I keep coming back.

  • Started playing Rust on a private server with a bunch of friends, honestly pretty good way to relax after to much Warzone. 

  • I've really been enjoying Hades for solo playing and Phasmophobia for games with friends.

  • I agree, although when I got it on PC is was punched in the face with a litany of problems.

  • Doing a lot of JRPG's. Just finished Star Ocean and Dragon Quest XI. Also, I'm hooked up on beat music game called DJ Max Respect. 

  • I've been a Blizzard guy forever, so WoW & Diablo.  But I also like to go retro sometimes.  Lately, I've been playing C&C Generals with some RL Buddies of mine.