What franchise or games do you want to come back?

What franchise do you wish to see again?

When I contemplate some of games I played that were memorable or I enjoyed a lot, Fable series is already on the list. I really enjoyed it's fun and unique world where heroes and monsters live. Sometimes dark (it has some really dark things including hobbes) but goofy and enjoyable. Enjoyed the first one and loved the second, third was okay. It was on the series so I played.

Anyway, that's was little long but I wish to see it made again and continue with the world building.

What about you guys? What are some game franchise you wish to see comeback?

  • I would love for Contra to make a comeback with the best cheat code combo ever.

  • Splinter cell or spy fox. 

  • those transformers games

  • Haha, I been hearing that for, what 10 years?

  • Let's quench our thirst with upcoming game Judas. Bioshock is such game!

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    I know right? And it was rich with lore too! Fun, goofy, and dark! So many side quests! It was such a good game! It was a first, well second (first being oblivion) game I was just reading wiki too get more immerse in the world!

  • There's a very old game called "Balance of Power" that was great fun for strategy games at the time. I'd love to see an update & re-release for current gen gaming. 

  • Half life, prince of Persia 

  • Splinter Cell, SOCOM, F.E.A.R., and Infamous series would be nice.

  • I would love another breath of fire game! the first one I ever played was IV and it had so many small gameplay mechanics that made it amazing. From building the fairy village, to fishing and making use of the combos. It all added so much more to the game with it's already great lore and pacing. The storyline and characters, albeit similar to the other ones, were a blast to play as and go on an adventure on. A new version similar to IV and maybe a bit more background into each character visiting their hometowns and a spot in the limelight would be fantastic! Would be a buy for me in a heartbeat.