What franchise or games do you want to come back?

What franchise do you wish to see again?

When I contemplate some of games I played that were memorable or I enjoyed a lot, Fable series is already on the list. I really enjoyed it's fun and unique world where heroes and monsters live. Sometimes dark (it has some really dark things including hobbes) but goofy and enjoyable. Enjoyed the first one and loved the second, third was okay. It was on the series so I played.

Anyway, that's was little long but I wish to see it made again and continue with the world building.

What about you guys? What are some game franchise you wish to see comeback?

  • Definitely eternal darkness 

  • I want to see another Warcraft RTS!

  • It'd be nice to see Killzone again. I enjoyed it a lot during the early days of PS3.

  • Would love to see a new version of Grand Theft Auto.

  • I would just love to see a Parasite Eve remake just once more. Literally, Parasite Eve was one of my favorite games to play back in my middle school days. 

  • Banjo Kazooie for sure!

  • Final Fantasy Tactics. I know there was that nvidia leak a while back that said there was a remaster on the way, but it hasn't materialized yet. Tactics Ogre remastered and Triangle Strategy gives me some hope, but I'm gonna continue to believe square enix doesn't care about the tactics franchise till proven wrong.

  • Bioshock. Man, I love Bioshock. Also, need more Half Life please.