New Forum Help

How to do actions, such as starting this "thread" would be helpful.  This forum system and the terminology it uses is very intuitive to people that us similar resources elsewhere.

1) My contribution to this cause.  You need to navigate to a page within a given group, before you can start a new, what Lenovo refers to as a "new discussion".

2) The term "New Discussion" is what many may know as a "New Thread".

  • Yeah it was slightly confusing when I first joined the community after buying my Legion but it's fairly simple once you navigate through it once or twice.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous in reply to Eileen P.

    Everything's working swimmingly for me now. Thanks! 

  • Lmao reading the title of this discussion, I initially thought you were asking for help to start a thread. 

    another thing that may help is that sometimes the reply button isn’t available because you may have “enter to reply” check marked, after I unchecked that, my reply button is always visible which helped me sooooo much!