Has anyone had any luck with external GPUs?

My current laptop only has integrated graphics and no option to install an internal GPU, so I have been considering an external GPU, but they are pretty expensive. If you have used one, would you say they are worth the cost? I would like to be able to play Hogwarts Legacy on at least low to medium settings without stuttering and Diablo 4 when it is released.

  • Huh? I'd no idea that was possible Guessing I'm behind the times. 

  • I haven't used one, but I'm also interested in hearing from someone who has. With a laptop, I think you need a Thunderbolt 3 or 4 port, but I'm not sure.

  • Honestly, EGPUs are pretty cool, but if you have a budget you're trying to stick to you may be better off getting a cheaper pre-built (or doing your own build), getting a slightly better laptop, or just getting a console. If you don't mind me asking, what internal GPU are you running?

  • Time and money are better spent getting an updated laptop.   

  • Not worth it. The rest of your pc will just be holding the egpu back from its potential. 

  • Wow I didn't even know that was a thing. That is good to know.

  • Used the Razer Core with a Blade Stealth a while back.  Ended up not liking that I couldn't play when I wasn't at the desk where the GPU was set up - sold all of it and ended up just getting a laptop with RTX 2080.

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    To expand on that, kinda felt like having a desktop and a laptop with none of the benefits that either would provide lol

  • In my opinion, the better option would be to get an upgraded gaming laptop that can run both games well. The price for an eGPU is just not worth it when you could put a little extra and get a good budget gaming laptop. Another option is getting a new gen console which will run all the games coming out in 4K, HDR, Raytracing and 30/60/120 fps depending on game. Only downside of a console is that it is not as mobile. I have both a Legion gaming laptop and a PS5 and often big AAA games run smoother on my PS5 because the pc version is badly optimized. I absolutely loathe heavy stuttering. I can deal with lower framerates, lowering graphics settings a notch etc..... but nothing breaks immersion more than the all too common stuttering that games like Hogwarts, Gotham Knights and quite a few other big titles have had and often takes the dev months if not a year or more to get it to where it should have been during the first week of launch. Sad reality is that pc gets the secondary attention from devs/publishers most of the time. Thank God for modders!!!

  • I didn't know these existed, but honestly, given price, you probably should just get a new laptop because there's probably some hidden bottlenecks like Memory and CPU power that your current laptop isn't equipped for. You're better off to have a specific to gaming laptop that you only use for that purpose (OR get a desktop).