Has anyone had any luck with external GPUs?

My current laptop only has integrated graphics and no option to install an internal GPU, so I have been considering an external GPU, but they are pretty expensive. If you have used one, would you say they are worth the cost? I would like to be able to play Hogwarts Legacy on at least low to medium settings without stuttering and Diablo 4 when it is released.

  • It's not worth the money because you'll be bound by bandwidth to access its processing power but go for it if you have extra $ and a desktop is not viable

  • I'm interested to know more too. My only options for gaming are streaming games on an older PC, console gaming, or mobile games.

  • first you have to have an enclosure for the gpu and then you have to get a gpu to put in that enclosure you're looking at at least $700 you're better off getting a console or selling your current laptop and getting a midtier desktop

  • You're most likely better off spending that money on a better laptop or even desktop. If you're gaming on a laptop due to how easy it is to game while being mobile, the external GPU can be a hassle to carry around with the addition of a laptop.

  • I am interested to read the comments here, I've the same question myself.

  • I haven't used one. It has always sounded like a cool idea and al, but I'd rather just upgrade the computer rather than do some sort of makeshift bridge, which probably is expensive in itself. 

  • Pricing on external GPU enclosure just doesn't make it worth the cost

  • I think the better use of resources would to upgrade your entire rig. Stuff seems to be getting cheaper again, so you might as well upgrade everything at once and move your current machine to secondary use (or sell it).

  • IMO building a PC is probably more worthwhile, but if that doesn't fall within your budget, you can think about eGPUs

  • I'd imagine it's cost-prohibitive, but I'm interested in what experienced users think.